Hi Everyone,

I’m really sorry that i have not updated for a while. But in the areas we have been in it was really difficult to get a good signal on my dongle, which when this happens is very frustrating when trying to load photo’s & things because it takes for ever if not at all. Plus no pubs in computer carrying distance with WiFi.

We are now moored again in a marina for the winter. We are near Rugby in a village called Barby.

I promise i will catch up with our adventures over the winter as i now have a permanent contention.

More news soon.


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Note to Reader

I have had a major catch up. To read everything i’ve added today you will need to start at the blog On the Trent & work your way back to this. (go to the side list and open the last blog title then move back a couple of headings, small print at top of page with an arrow) Hope that helps.


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Whilst we were in Lincoln we heard about a friend’s Wedding reception / 40th birthday, this turned out to be a fancy dress affair. You all know how much we like fancy dress!!! So we did what we could with what we had, which was not a lot!!! if we had been at home we could have raided our store. But whilst in Skegness (we took the train to the seaside) we passed a fancy dress shop & bought some accessories. Then hired a car to gatecrash the party as travelling Hippys. (turns out we were welcome as they didn’t know where to send the invite.)

Mike is actually wearing a shirt i bought him for his birthday (from” Shiteshirt company” its pot luck on what you get,but it is truly a bad shirt, which worked a treat on this occasion.) The dress i too already had.

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I lost Mike!!!

Another place we stopped was Dogdyke. This was close to RAF Coningsby. Also home to the battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Mike rather likes planes “not an anorak” he says, but never the less I lost him for the day whilst he went off to the museum to Plane spot.

But unfortunately  I did not get a quite day, due to the fact that the euro-fighters keep buzzing the boat all day.

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Fraternising with the enemy!

The pontoon at a village we did want to stop at was full so we carried on down to the next. But we came to a newish pontoon that was not shown in our guide book. This was empty & in the middle of nowhere. Sunny afternoon, yes it really was!!! But it also turned out to be a nature reverse. So Mike went for a wonder while I cooked dinner. Mike found a local pub had a quick beer & discovered that there was an air show the following day & we were in a good place to see it with aid of binoculars!! So we stayed the following day as well.

The sun was out again & it was peaceful for a while, until we were outnumbered by the enemy!!! Four cruiser boats invaded our pontoon. Claiming it was going to be noisy, as they were planning on a BBQ & party!! Well what could we do but change sides!!

Narrow boaters have various names for this style of boat depending on the size. They range from Yoghurt Pot, Plastic tub, or pig, to Gin Palace. So far the only name for us is a ditch crawler!!

We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening, lots of fun had by all!! A week later in Boston we actually saw a few of them again, before they went out to sea. Having a couple of drinks with Liam & Rachel   they took us for a jaunt in their Sealine cruiser “Naughty-Cal”. We had a few turns up & down the river even letting us take the wheel!! Which, compared to Isobel, was very fast, very scary & grrreattt fun! We did break the river speed limit, a tad. SSSHH!!

When passing back past Burton waters where they all moor we stopped & joined Steve & Chris from “Devocean “for a Chinese. Again a great night.

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Whilst in Saxilby we had a visit from Mike, whose dad also lives here. So it was great to meet his family.

Also, we were lucky to see the Olympic torch come through. There were various celebrations going on, in and around the village. One School organised a mini Olympics for other schools in the area, the Sun inn had a mass balloon release, another pub had a Jazz band, set  up outside, which for 8am in the morning wasn’t bad!!  There was a local professional cameraman who made a short film of the day. We even managed to get our ugly mugs in it!!! BBC radio Lincolnshire was there along with BBC Pod, which was a free photo booth which took your picture with the Olympic arena in the back ground. The red arrows flew over, the evening before, at the other end of the village where some of the relay was happening. (The Red arrows are very local to this area.)

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Torksey to Boston

The Fossdyke Canal & River Witham

Total this trip = Miles 88                Locks = 8              Tunnel = 0

Grand total Miles = 775                                Locks = 576         Tunnels = 18

We have now been on the above navigation for about 3 weeks, stopping at lots of places as we go. Some I will cover in separate blogs. The Fossdyke as you might guess from the name claims to be a roman canal, which, as you can imagine, is very straight! But unfortunately the views weren’t great as it is built with dykes either side which are hard to see over. The canal was built to join the River Trent to the river Witham, to make a water access from the sea, in to the heart of the country.

After our breakdown in Torksey we have travelled to Boston & back.  Stopping at some of the small villages on the way. Some were more interesting than others & these I will cover in separate entries.

Most of the moorings were floating pontoons as the navigation has a varying water level, this has proved to be quite an eye opener due to all the rain & flooding in areas. Going down river we didn’t really have any problems. But once arriving at Boston we soon learnt that there was going to be an awful lot of water coming our way. As they were draining the flooded areas into the Witham. Extra water would be coming from the very high Trent & farmland which have drains to supply the areas with water from the river Witham, this also played in reverse when the areas flooded. All this excess water was then allowed out through the Sluices at Boston in to the estuary to go out to sea at low tide. Seems a waste when so many other areas still need higher water levels for flights of locks etc.   Mike made a mark on the floating pontoon at normal water level then various marks as the water rose. The water level went up & down by 4-6 foot.

Whilst we were at Boston we had various visitors. Mike’s Parents & his Cousin & wife, Simon & Gretel, who kindly brought us chocolate cake & homemade wine, plus received a goody bag of cheeses & things from Mike’s parents as well. Mike’s parents also joined on a short cruise when we left. We made sure we left on still water. This was when the tide was in & the sluices were closed. This slowed down the rivers course quite dramatically, which gave us 4 hours of relevantly slow flowing water against us as we travelled up stream. We dumped Richard & Margret at Woodhall Spa. Well we made sure they were able to catch a bus back to Boston where their car was. Woodhall is a Spa town from Victorian days. Various old buildings remain & it looks like it should be a sea side town, rather than in the heart of Lincolnshire.

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